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Comprehensive reporting
Show me the data!
Responding to customers is the primary function of a customer service department but how do you know if you’re adequately staffed to meet your customer’s expectations?
The key to understanding your staffing vs. demand situation is to let the data tell the story. Flowan Help Desk offers a rich set of reports that provide you with the key metrics to analyze your customer service operation.
By using the powerful reports available in the Flowan Help Desk software you can also analyze the types of requests submitted by your customers and determine how quickly your customer service department is responding to their needs. Based on the information provided by the reports, you can make adjustments to your processes and measure the results quickly and efficiently.
The Flowan Help Desk reports are one of the key tools you need to reach your goal of providing World-class Customer Service.
Flowan Help Desk Software provides a very cost-effective and easy to use solution for managing your customer service support and IT help desk activities resulting in world-class customer service.