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Flowan Patient Relations Software
Grievance and Complaint Tracking
Incident Tracking / Risk Management
The focus on quality patient care continues to be one of the primary concerns for regulating the healthcare industry. Standards and regulations such as HIPAA, PSQIA and CMS are requiring organizations to carefully track and audit patient relations issues.
Every healthcare organization needs to effectively handle written or verbal complaints regarding quality of patient care due to harm, neglect, abuse, etc. They must also manage risk associated with incidents such as incorrect medication given, slips or falls, security breaches, etc. It is becoming increasingly important to improve the patient experience and overall patient quality care and meet regulatory requirements.
Flowan Patient Relations software offers you a web-based, cost-effective and easy to use solution for managing patient grievances and complaints as well as incidents. It will help ensure that you are meeting HIPAA, PSQIA and CMS requirements.
Flowan Help Desk Software
Customer Service Tracking
IT Help Desk Tracking
Every day thousands of organizations are supporting their customers and employees as part of their fundamental business operations.
The type of support varies depending on the type of organization and the products or services provided. Even though the support activities vary, the need to track and report requests is critical to understanding the frequency of a given type of request and how much time is spent on support activities.
Just as important as understanding the amount of time spent on support, determining areas where the support can be reduced or eliminated is fundamental in making your business more efficient.
Flowan Help Desk Software offers a web-based, cost-effective and easy to use solution for managing your support activities and improving your business processes.