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Intelligent Case Routing
Get the case to the correct people
How many times have you requested support where you start with a person who simply gathers information and dispatches you to the correct department? Often times you need to provide additional information once you’ve reached the correct person.
Flowan Help Desk eliminates this issue with its custom field entry capability and its sophisticated routing mechanism which acts as a built-in case dispatcher.
Case routing
Flowan Help Desk allows you to assign help desk coverage areas for all of your customer service representatives. Help desk coverage areas are created by linking virtual help desks, request types and locations to the correct representative as appropriate.
When customers submit cases, the system routes them to the correct Customer Service personnel based on the request type selected and the location associated with the customer.
Flowan Help Desk Software provides a very cost-effective and easy to use solution for managing your customer service support and IT help desk activities resulting in world-class customer service.