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Case Management
Streamlined interface for your customer service operations
With the Flowan Help Desk software your customer service and IT support personnel can easily keep track of the customer support cases they are working to resolve. The screens are very intuitive and provide an easy way for your support personnel to manage their cases.
The Flowan "My Cases" screen shows each support person all of the open cases they have accepted. The screen provides a list of cases and shows pertinent information related to the case as well as the target SLA close date and time.
To work on a case the customer service representative simply clicks on the case number. The detail view allows them to see all of the details related to the case (including file attachments) and provides them the ability to add case notes, add file attachments, change information on the case, and close/resolve the case.
Email notification messages are sent to all customer service representatives when cases are entered, notes are added by customers, and when cases are within a few days or hours of being due based on SLA settings. The email notifications provide an excellent reminder for customer service representatives as they strive to provide world class customer service.
Flowan Help Desk Software provides a very cost-effective and easy to use solution for managing your customer service support and IT help desk activities resulting in world-class customer service.