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Custom Form Fields
Not all customer requests are created equal!
For many customer requests all you need is the type of request, severity and the problem description. But for some types of requests, more information is required to provide efficient customer service.
To ensure that your obtain the appropriate information at the time the request is entered, Flowan Help Desk allows you to create custom forms that can be linked to one or many request types. Using this powerful feature results in your customers entering the appropriate information needed to effectively resolve their request and meet their needs.
Flowan Help Desk Software provides a very cost-effective and easy to use solution for managing your customer service support and IT help desk activities resulting in world-class customer service.
Custom Form Field features
  • Create your own text labels to prompt for specific information
  • Define which fields are required and which fields are optional
  • Determine the type of data needed for each field (i.e. text, number with decimal places, number without decimals places, drop-down list, date fields, etc.)
  • Create default values for each custom field
  • Create section headings with instructions
  • Define multi-page forms
  • Create forms from existing forms
  • Control the order of the fields on the form