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LDAP Integration
Leverage your network username and password
With the LDAP integration option set up in Flowan, your users can log into Flowan using their network username and password. Flowan’s LDAP integration also provides the option to automatically create a Flowan profile for users who are authenticated on your network but do not already have a Flowan profile.
Using the LDAP integration with the option to automatically create a Flowan profile is the most efficient way to seamlessly provide access for your users.
Note: The LDAP integration feature is only available for the Traditional Installation option. If you decide to utilize the Flowan SaaS solution then you can leverage the Flowan “single sign-on” capability to provide seamless access for your users.
Flowan Help Desk Software provides a very cost-effective and easy to use solution for managing your customer service support and IT help desk activities resulting in world-class customer service.