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Comprehensive reporting
Review, analyze and improve
As you strive to meet the CMS requirements for responding to patient relation issues, having immediate access to your patient case statistics give you the ability to ensure that you are meeting all regulatory requirements.
The Flowan Patient Relations software provides a rich set of reports that show the types of patient grievances and complaints being reported and how well your patient relations department is responding.
By analyzing the information provided by the Flowan reports you can determine if a change in your business operations will improve your responsiveness or if you need to add additional investigators (based on your case load). Once you make changes to the way you process patient relation cases, or add additional investigators, you can easily and efficiently measure the effectiveness of your business changes.
The Flowan Patient Relations reports provide the appropriate information for ensuring that CMS requirements are met concerning patient grievances and complaints.
Flowan Patient Relations software provides a very cost effective solution to help ensure you're meeting HIPAA, PSQIA, CMS and other regulatory requirements.