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Incident Management
Identify root cause, implement corrective actions
Flowan Patient Relations software provides an easy way to enter and manage all types of incidents whether patient related or not. Investigators can easily keep track of the incidents as they work to identify the root cause and create corrective actions. The screens are very intuitive and provide each investigator with a list of incidents that require follow-up.
The Flowan "My Incidents" screen shows all of the open incidents assigned to each investigator and makes it easy for them to identify incidents with the highest risk and which incidents need attention based on activity and incident type.
To work on an incident, an investigator simply clicks on the incident number where they can view the details of the incident, add notes, add file attachments, modify the risk level on the incident, and resolve/close the incident.
Email notification messages are sent to all investigators when one or more incidents are within a few days of the assigned target close date. The email notifications provide an excellent reminder for investigators as they strive to close incidents in a timely fashion.
Flowan Patient Relations software provides a very cost effective solution to help ensure you're meeting HIPAA, PSQIA, CMS and other regulatory requirements.