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Incident Custom Form Fields
Get the needed information for each type of incident
To ensure that you capture the appropriate information at the time an incident is entered, Flowan Patient Relations software allows you to create custom forms for each incident type (incorrect medication, slip or fall, etc.) as needed. Using this powerful feature guarantees that pertinent information is gathered
Custom Form features
  • Create forms for one or many incident types (i.e. incorrect medication, slip or fall, etc.)
  • Define which form fields are required and which fields are optional
  • Control the order of the fields on the form
  • Define the type of data needed for each field (i.e. drop-down list, text, number, date field, etc.)
  • Create your own text labels to prompt for specific data
  • Add hints to each field to clarify the type of data expected in each field
Flowan Patient Relations software provides a very cost effective solution to help ensure you're meeting HIPAA, PSQIA, CMS and other regulatory requirements.